Not even for Chocolate

So this past Sunday was the big day.  

My first 5K.

Was I ready?….No

Was I motivated?….Not even a little

Was I terrified?….Good Lord YES

The day dawned crisp and clear.  Now when I say crisp, I really mean it was 34 degrees when I left my house to head downtown.  I was not the only person who decided to start their day with this Hot Chocolate race….nope…I was joined there by 41,000 of my closest friends.  I got to my assigned corral and there began what I will now refer to as “The Standathon of 2013”.  Yes, I got to Corral S (for slow), and there I stood for almost 2 hours.  With every minute that ticked by I could feel my legs tightening up.  I could feel my feet slowly losing any and all of their flex.  

I knew I was in trouble.

By the time it was our turn to take off, I was already hurting.

But…..I ran the first mile, walked the next 1.7 miles, and ran the last 0.5 mile.  


I am glad I did this race.  I am glad I have this experience under my belt.  While I will continue to run, I will not likely do another race.  This experience served two purposes for me.  The first is that it made me realize I can keep going and keep improving with my running.  The second, and more important, result of this experience was to reinforce that I am terrified of large crowds and small enclosed spaces and when those two are combined it is not good at all.

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I Did It


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Day 3 – How to injure your shoulder when learning to run…a tutorial

OH Lord….

This is why I don’t exercise.  Something bad always happens.  Today is no exception.


I went for my Day 3 training session with one of my girlfriends today.  Not just any girlfriend though.  This particular friend has run 4 marathons, numerous half marathons, and a bajillion other races.  She is the one that has been my inspiration as well as my cheerleader and coach.

We went for a session today that was meant to help me correct a few issues.  And I have to say, it was wonderful.  I ran better and further than I had previously.  I also did this with such minimal pain that I am hopeful for my future as a runner.  All told, I ran 0.75 miles.  Not all at once but in 3 intervals.  I’m good with that for today.

The fun part of the day began when I was walking home and realized that all I had eaten today was 1/2 of a Tall Salted Caramel skinny mocha.  I had been up for over 5 hours at this point.  

Not a good thing.

I walked into my house and immediately realized that the change of temperature between the outside, my body, and my heavily air conditioned home was going to be a problem.

I went into the bathroom, sat down and immediately realized I was really light headed.  Instead of pausing for a few minutes and eating something anything, I got right into a shower.  The next thing I remember is landing on my right shoulder and feeling the pain shooting down my arm and across my back.

Apparently I passed out.

I would say fainted, but I am not a delicate flower and there was nothing graceful about this fall.

So now, I have taken a few ibuprofen, have tested range of motion through tears and shouts of pain, and have determined nothing is broken but I am going to be in world of pain come tomorrow morning.

Also, I cannot lift my right arm without wanting to cry.

If I am still without full range of motion by Tuesday, I will give in and go to the doctor.


Lesson learned today: food is my friend.

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Day 2

So here’s the deal…I started my Couch to 5K training on Monday.  Tuesday I woke up still feeling pretty good.  I may have even felt a little smug.  There was no soreness from my efforts.  Clearly I could do this.


Then came Wednesday.

I woke up on what was supposed to be my second day of training, with quite a bit of soreness in my legs and my back.  Normally this is where I say, “I don’t enjoy this, I will avoid what made me feel this way”, and sit down on my couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s by my side.

I desperately wanted to do just that last night when I got home from work.  Heck, I even had the ice cream in the freezer, ready to go.

Instead, I laced up my shoes, put in my headphones, and and walked out the door.  I walked to the track behind the high school and started my workout.  

I made it through 3 walk/jog cycles and then the pain was just too much.  My right leg was throbbing from the knee down.  My foot felt like it alone weighed 75 pounds inside my shoe.  

I loosened my laces and kept walking.

I figured some things out about myself as a runner.  

  1. I hit the ground really hard and really flat-footed with my right leg.  I am certain this is what causes my pain.  
  2. I have no sense of how to pace myself. I tried counting out a rhythm, but I can’t focus on that and still distract myself from the fact that I am trying to run.
  3. I am way too self-conscious.  There were other people on the track.  While I was not intimidated by the little old woman walking the track, I was completely derailed by the two guys who were running so easily and so shirtlessly.  I felt like the stupid fat girl who could never climb the rope in gym class.

All this to say….I finished the workout…Sort of.

I will try again on Saturday.


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Off the Couch

I did it.  

I really did it.

I needed something to get me off my couch without costing me any money.  

So I did what everyone these days is doing….

I downloaded an app.


A Couch to 5K app.  


Well it has been sitting on my phone for 2 weeks now doing what I do best…gathering dust. 

Until today.

I laced up my very bright and very expensive running shoes.  I put on my headphones. 

And Off I Went!!!!


I completed the first of my training sessions.  

From the knees up, I feel really good.  From the knees down, is a whole different story.  I have tomorrow to rest and then it’s back to work on Wednesday.  


God be with me!

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The View from Here

On days when I find myself at home during the week, I will often tune in to the daily talk show, “The View”.  It’s often good for a laugh and sometimes is even informative.  However, the part I like best is all the way at the very end.  Every day, one of the hosts will say “Take a little time to enjoy the view”. 

This past week, I took that advice pretty literally.  It was Wednesday, 9/11, and I was feeling pretty raw.  I was driving home from staying with S&V, driving up Lake Shore Drive when I realized there was a beautiful sunrise starting on my right. 

So clearly, the logical thing to do was to cross over 3 lanes of traffic, pull off, and head over to the beach…at 6:20 AM. 

Thank God I did just that, because this is what I became witness to…. 

IMG_2414 IMG_2430 IMG_2436 IMG_2438 <a

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This past week I went home for some much needed time off.

From long hikes through the nature preserve, to amusement parks, movies, and days spent at the zoo, it was so good to be home amongst my people.

One of the best parts was getting to spend so much time with these precious ones…




One of the only parts of my trip home that was not all smiles was something that actually happened when I came home.  I love the zoo.  I know that is not always a politically correct thing to say, but since it’s not likely I will ever find myself on a safari through Africa, I like that I can go to a zoo in Cleveland and see some Lions



Or some bears…



Or, on a very special day, you might get to see the most majestic animal…the Polar Bear.  At the Cleveland Zoo, there was only one remaining polar bear.  Her name was Aurora and she was 30 years old.  We were at the zoo at the end of the day on Friday, and the last animal we saw was the polar bear.

Well apparently we were the last group of folks that got to see Aurora.  She had been suffering from liver cancer and when she woke up saturday morning it was clear that she had finally succumbed to her disease.  She spent the last 2 days of her life being cared for by the people who had raised her and loved her for most of her life.



I am so very thankful that I have gotten so many opportunities to see this beautiful creature.

On a lighter note…I wanted to share what might turn into some big news.  I have been in talks for a new position with a new company.  It would mean another new start in another new city, but I am really excited about this one.  It would be such a tremendous opportunity in my career and while it would not put me any closer to home, it would not move me any further away either.  

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